Why do you need outsourcing Logistic services ?

Non-core business functions such as logistic, accounting and IT is very complicated, time consuming and capital extensive. Although it is essential for any business, nevertheless if not properly handled it is going to affect the business as a hole. Therefore, taking it inside the company requires to bring the right calipers and the right equipment which puts more pressure on the management team and the business budget, knowing that all of which will be fixed cost of the business and will not generate direct income.

OUR Services


1- Dry Food
2- Dry Non-Food
We provide storage services by pallet and by squared meter. At first we meet with our customers to understand their needs then give the recommended method that suits their situation

Stock Handling

Traditionally the stock is handled by forklift, however sometimes customers need loose material handling or even special equipment in some situations

Inventory Management

This is one of the most critical part of any warehouse management services. Here where mistakes or mismanagement might lead to significant losses. We rae equipped with the necessary system that can provide you with the required reports that can show you your stock level of each item including quantities and expiries. Therefore, it will enable you to know what is the required action that you need to take.


If any customer needs to move their stock from our warehouse to any location in KSA we can provide him/her with the right medium at the right cost in the right time.

Other services

Any other services related to the stock can be done here in our warehouses such as repackaging, labeling material and POSM printing in away that makes your trip to the warehouse area is very rare and unnecessary.

Special services for online businesses

With this emerging business segment there is quite high demand for distribution centers for online sellers. We can cater our offering to include this type of business to store the products, prepare individual orders and send them to the last mile delivery centers and/or to last destination.

Services process

Traditional 3PL

Fulfilment Center

Importers, Traders